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 Tulsa Quiz

What Was Where Back Then?

In August 2003 the 1953 Class of Central High School had its 50th Reunion and Jack Welsh put together a quiz to test the memories of his classmates. Jack has graciously shared his quiz with us - see how many you can remember.

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 (Win special honor if you remember.)

So many of the businesses we frequented or were familiar with back in 1953 are long gone. Some have been replaced with new structures, others have become parking lots. Listed in the columns below are 26 addresses and the names of stores or business. Classmates who can correctly match the more than 13 addresses to the stores/businesses with-out peeking at the answers on some back page will win a special honor: Winners will be assigned to chaperone those classmates who are too easily befuddled to find their way from one reunion function to another on the assigned day and/or at the specified time. (If you can't find the correct answers on one of the back pages, forget surely won't be able to match more than six or eight businesses to the right addresses.) If NO ONE can match at least half of the addresses to the businesses, we're all in deep do-do.

The source for all this information was the 1953 telephone directory... which you can find at the downtown library, if you have any doubts. Here we go!

List of Businesses Match the business to an address from this list
A. Boulder Billard Parlor 1. 1658 E. 11th
B. Borden Restaurant 2. 2634 E. 11th
C. Binding Steven's Seed 3. 618 So. Cincinnati
D. Tulsa Willys 4. 507 S. Boulder
E. Bob Evans Drug Store 5. 1001 So. Boston
F. Michael's Cafeteria 6. 1012 So. Main
G. Parrish & Clark Dodge/Plymouth 7. 711 E. 3rd
H. Tulsa Nash 8. 307-1/2 So. Boulder
I. Crown Drug Store 9. 607 So. Main
J. Crawford Drug Store 10. 2802 E. 11th
K. Bishop's Restaurant 11. 319 So. Cincinnati
L. Golden Drumstick 12. 2615 E. 11th
M. Cathy's Furniture 13. 118 E. 18th
N. Brown-Dunkin 14. 512 So. Main
O. Hope Lumber & Supply 15. 4903 E. 11th
P. Quality Motor Studebaker 16. 14 W. 4th
Q. Sears & Roebuck 17. 618 So. Main
R. Vandervers 18. 401 So. Main
S. Union Bus Terminal 19. 109 So. Boston
T. Whitlock Grocery 20. 500 So. Boulder
U. Ritz Theater 21. 14 E. 5th
V. Harold's Book Store 22. 816 So. Main
W. Louisiane Restaurant 23. 2648 E. 11th
X. Fogle Crosley 24. 2339 E. 15th
Y. Gem Theater 25. 501 So. Boston
Z. Harrington's 26. 101 W. 1st


Well let's see how many brain cells are functioning after 50 years. Don't be too depressed if you only get a half a dozen or so right.

1 - X
2 - T
3 - H
4 - F
5 - G
6 - P
7 - D

8 - A
9 - V
10 - O
11 - S
12 - B
13 - W
14 - K

15 - L
16 - U
17 - Y
18 - N
19 - Z
20 - Q
21 - R

22 - M
23 - J
24 - I
25 - E
26 - C


0 - 6 Your brain is mush
7 - 12 On par with a squirrel
13 - 18 You obviously peeked at the answers
19 - 26 Liar, liar, pants on fire!

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