A Patchwork of Memories

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By: Edith L. Fishback

Baby boy - my only child,
Sweet and pure and undefiled,
Noisy, hungry, lost in sleep,
Sent from God - my charge to keep.
Chubby toddler - venturous one,
Curious, active - on the run;
Tearing, breaking, sobbing, smiling,
Eager hands and eyes beguiling.
Slim-hipped schoolboy, grimy jeans,
Shooting up into your teens;
Pets and bikes and runny nose,
Radio, records, door fast closed.
Adolescence soon appears;
Worries, heartaches, joys and fears;
Motorcycles, cars and pals,
Doubtsome things the mind enthralls.
Conversion and Marriage:
Suddenly the Lord of Life
Appears, and rules through storm and strife;
And loneliness is then appeased
By her, who joins him - on their knees
Where love both offers and receives,

And little ones did come to bless
Their lives with joy and happiness;
So count each year along the way
And dare to hope, and smile and pray.
Each birthdate means another year
Has past - and never shall appear
Again; so fill each passing day
With gratitude, love, work and play.
Regret and sorrow toss aside,
Conflict, clamor, hurt and pride;
Lessons learned and corner turned
And bridges long behind you burned.
And in the Great Day bye and bye
When fire our strivings then will try;
And all our treasures pass in view
My crowning jewel will be YOU.

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