Miss Nellie C Garton and Robert Brown were married at Shawnee, Okla., Monday evening at 8 o'clock, the Methodist minister at that place performing the ceremony. The young bride and her mother left this city on Saturday last for western points, supposedly by their friends in Tulsa, to pay a visit to friends in the land of the "sooner." And now comes the news that Miss Garton is Mrs. Brown and will make her home in Shawnee, where Mr. Brown holds a position as operator. There seems to be a fatality existing between the telephone girls and the operators who have done service here. Miss Elsie Reeves held a position as "hello" girl and did such a good service at central that Mr. Cooper decided that his salary could support two. He moved to Weleetka and Miss Reeves soon followed him to become Mrs. Cooper. After Mr. Cooper left the depot here Mr. Brown was his successor and Miss Garton accepted the position in central made vacant by the resignation of Miss Reeves. The little goddess was soon at work again and through his wonderful machinations laid the plans whereby another "hello" girl and an operator are made happy for life. Mrs. Brown, nee Miss Garton, has many friends in Tulsa. She is a young lady of many attainments and the groom has secured a helpmate who will surely brighten his life and shed a luster on his efforts while battling to reach the goal of his ambitions. Mr. Brown was only stationed at Tulsa a short time but by his strictly business methods impressed all as being a young man of exceptional capabilities. Both have many friends in Tulsa who join the Republican in extending congratulations. Tulsa Indian Republican newspaper, 22 Aug 1902, pg 9, col 4, "Cupid Casts His Darts"

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