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Billy Bruner
A Creek Legend

Submitted by: Don Goswick

Dividing Line


I see that you have a picture of Billy Bruner on your Website and a little about him. I grew up in Tulsa at what was called Vern Station (49th & Charles Page Blvd). When I was a kid there was an old Indian by the name of Billy Bruner that used to sit down by the drug store that was there and give all the kids Pennies and Nickels to buy candy with and sometimes even do an Indian Dance for us. I used to talk to him a lot and as he lived only a few blocks from where I grew up I used to go up and sit on his porch with him and visit. A lot of people used to say that he was crazy, but to me he didn't seem to be and I really got to like him a lot. This was back in the Late 40's and Early 50's I don't know just how old he was at that time but I figure he must have been way up in years and heard it said by different ones that he was a hundred or so years old.

What I would really like to know is if you might have any Information on where he may be buried at as I have often thought of him and would really like to be able to go out and put some flowers on his grave and let him know that he is still remembered by one of the kids he was so nice to.

Also when I was growing up it was said that he had donated a lot of the land for the right of way for the old Trolley Cars and the Sand Springs Railway that ran between Tulsa and Sand Springs. I do know that they let him ride on the Trolley Cars for Free and would always stop and let him off where ever he wanted, even if it wasn't one of the regular stops.

Anyway, any more Information you might be able to give me on him would be greatly appreciated.

Don Goswick



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