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Very few of the county records for Tulsa county have been microfilmed by the LDS at this time. For those that have been there will be a note beside of the listing.

The Tulsa County Courthouse is located downtown in the Civic Center complex. Parking is available in the underground parking garage or across the street in a public lot (both have a parking fee). The Main Library is next door to the courthouse, connected by the covered parking area for the Library. If you go to http://www.tulsacounty.org/dtmap.html you will find a map of the Civic Center Complex, the parking areas available and directions to find the courthouse.

When requesting copies from the courthouse remember to include a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope. Copies are 1.00 a copy.

Tulsa County Courthouse
County Clerk
500 South Denver
Tulsa OK, 74103
Phone: (918) 596-5801 Fax: (918) 596-5819

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Probate Index 1907-2001 in book form (available on second floor), Jan 2002 to current, online at www.oscn.net. This website includes 8 counties, including Tulsa, and is indexed by name of attorney, deciedent, and person who filed. The lady mentioned that you'll want to try miscellaneous spellings because of misspellings and variations. (LDS has microfilm available - Index 1907-1977; Probate records 1907-1950)

Guardianship Index from 1951-2001 in book form (available on second floor).

Civil Court Indexes 1907-1984 in book form (available on second floor) and are indexed by name, grouped by date (example, first book covers up through 1933 or so, but doesn't indicate earliest date... we assume it's 1907). Available from 1984 to current online www.oscn.net.

Judgement Index 1965-1990 in book form (second floor).

Divorce Index 1934-1990 in book form (second floor). Divorce Records 1926-1950 on microfilm (available from the LDS)

Land Index is computerized from 1987 and is searchable on first or second floors. Before 1987, its indexes are available in book form or microfilm and are searchable on the first floor. Earliest microfilm is from before statehood (pertaining to Indian Territory). The books are by year and the alphabetical. The microfilms are by number, beginning with #1, roughly by date, and alphabetical. The first entry in microfilm #1 is from 20 Oct 1903. This department also has all the maps available

Naturalization records, 1907-1926 (also available from the LDS on microfilm)

Marriage Records - these are closed to the public. The court clerk will check the index for you and then make a copy of the license from the microfilm. The Marriage records, 1907-1977, are available from the LDS on microfilm (The marriage indexes are being transcribed and are slowly going up - see the Main page - Marriage Index)

(See Look-Ups <main page> for available look-ups in these records)

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