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The Tulsa Spirit:
a pictorial and entertaining commentary on the growth and development of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Sponsored by the Metropolitan Tulsa Chamber of Commerce

(c) Published in 1979 by Continental Heritage Press, Inc. P.O. Box 1620, Tulsa, OK 74101 (no longer in business in Tulsa)

The Tulsa Spirit is part of The American Portrait Series of premium books published by Continental Heritage Press

I have no idea whether this book is still in print or not. I do not own this book (I borrowed it from the library) so I can't do look-ups or make copies for you.

Copies of pages may be obtained from the Tulsa County Library.

The original Tulsa Spirit was a publication produced (Sep 1915-Dec 1959) by the Chamber of Commerce as a public relations magazine for Tulsa. This book draws heavily on the original Tulsa Spirit magazines for its historical information. To stay within the copyright laws - I will only transcribe snippets of information from this book - those that deal with the history and people of old Tulsa. The book is filled with old and new photos of Tulsa; comparisons of yesterday to today and is extremely interesting reading.

One note before we get underway .... In The Beginning of Tulsa Mr. Hall skips lightly over early Tulsa's unsavory side - the gambling, prostitution, outlaws, drunken cowboys, etc. The Tulsa Spirit includes those things - because they really were a part of early Tulsa.

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